Duomo Square • Pietrasanta (Lucca)

mappa della chiesa di santa caterina a firenze

Pietrasanta is located at the foot of pleasant hills, beyond which rise the Apuan Alps near the valleys of Seravezza. In a dominant position on the hill near the town center, stands the Rocca di Sala, a Lombard era fortress, which offers a wonderful view over Pietrasanta, over the Versilia with Viareggio and Forte dei Marmi and over some islands of the Tuscan Archipelago. The main square is characterized by the Cathedral of San Martino, placed over a wide flight of marble steps (XIII century) and by the Campanile, (XVI century) which has a strange peculiarity: built in red brick it has never been covered with marble like the Cathedral. Another building that characterizes the square is the Church of St. Augustine with a facade of the late fourteenth century, reminiscent of the arches and galleries of medieval churches in Pisa and Lucca. Today the building is deconsecrated and is used for temporary exhibitions.
Thanks to the nearby marble quarries and to the great artists who have found the right material for their works, over the decades Pietrasanta became a true city of art: Marble Laboratories, Art Galleries, Mosaic Workshops, Bronze Foundries. An open-air Museum thanks to donations of the major artists such as Botero, Cascella, Mitoraj, Messina, Miozzo, Finotti, Folon, Tommasi, et al. Just walk the streets, the squares and the alleys of the city to find so many beautiful Works thanks to which Pietrasante is callet the “Little Athens of the Versilia”.
Installed in the Piazza del Duomo we find the suggestive work of the lombard artist Velasco Vitali, representing a boat with a polished metal hull which reflects the landscape around it. The boat is carried by two men in bronze with their face covered by the hull.

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