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The Mascagni Terrace is characterized by two elements: the 4100 columns that form the balustrade and the floor in black and white tiles that form a sort of chessboard. The current beauty of the Terrace is due to the complete restoration ended in the late '90s. The works, required after the serious damage over the years by the sea storms, allowed a complete usability by the inhabitants of Leghorn and enable tourists to admire a unique work for position, size and abundance of greenery.

The birth of what we admire today is the result of the destruction of the old urban organization wanted by the livornese Costanzo Ciano, that led to the destruction of the old districts to accommodate monumental buildings typical of the period. The construction and the arrangement of the beautiful Seafront and of the Mascagni Terrace is an elegant urban solution as well as an enviable belvedere.

Very characteristic is the Gazebo of the Music, a sort of little round temple, with the roof shaped like a crown supported by a series of circular columns.

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south side of the mascagni terrace

Mascagni Terrace south side towards Bagno Pancaldi and the Grand Hotel Palazzo

A splendid Seafront walk, often depicted in paintings by the Macchiaioli school, runs through trees, cliffs, rocks and beaches (sand and shingle). This front begin in the Port of Leghorn, characterized by the Old Medicean Fortress and runs for nine enchanting kilometers to the village of Antignano.

central zone of the terrace

Central Zone of the Mascagni Terrace

The Terrazza Mascagni offers splendid views of Gorgona and Capraia, two islands of the Tuscan Archipelago, and Corsica. The panoramic route of the Seafront extends to the village of Quercianella along a rocky coast with limpid waters.

gazebo of the terrace mascagni

Gazebo of the Mascagni Terrace

The Gazebo of the Music was built in 1935 on a project Ghino Venturi. It is a round temple with a dome supported by circular columns, destroyed by the bombs during the World War II.

north side of the mascagni terrace

Mascagni Terrace north side towards the Harbour

This elegant Terrace overlooking the sea affords splendid views of the island of the Tuscan Archipelago. It dates back to 1920 and was dedicated to the celebrated livornese composer Pietro Mascagni in 1945.

terrazza mascagni al tramonto livorno

Mascagni Terrace at Dusk

The Terrace is used by people of all ages: mothers with strollers, children who play ball or go skating, or simply by those who, at the sunset, will enjoy a unique natural spectacle.

terrazza mascagni gazebo al tramonto livorno

Gazebo of the Mascagni Terrace at Sunset

The Mascagni Terrace has been damaged over the years by sea storms and neglect and, at the end of the 90, was restored with the exact reconstruction of the Gazebo.

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terrazza mascagni su google maps

Mascagni Terrace on Google Maps

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