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The New Fortress of Leghorn was designed according to the projects of several artificers including Bernardo Buontalenti, Giovanni Cantagallina, Vincenzo Bonanni and Giovanni de' Medici. The massive building, constructed between the sixteenth and the seventeenth century, was part of the great project of Leghorn as a fortress city wanted by the Grand Duke Francesco I de 'Medici, who commissioned the project to the Buontalenti. In 1629 a part of the Fortezza Nuova was demolished to permit the construction of the quarters of the Venezia Nuova and San Marco. The Fortress has a polygonal plan and a very articulated interior reachable from a little bridge on the docks. Abandoned its military function at the end of World War II has been restored by the city of Leghorn and became a public park.

Leghorn 360°: VR Panoramas of the Fortezza Nuova

LEGHORN 360° … NEW FORTRESSNew Fortress from a little bridge on the docks leghorn

Entrance to the New Fortress from a little bridge on the docks

The New Fortress is surrounded by a large basin of water and is linked to the city by a small bridge. In the building we find all the typical elements of the military architecture of the time.

new fortress in leghorn

The New Fortress from a floating bridge near the “Voltone”

In addition to the original bridge the New Fortress is connected to the city by some floating bridges. In fact the military building is surrounded by the Fossi Medicei, the typical and still navigable ditches of Leghorn.

fosso reale in leghorn

Boats along the ditches that surround the New Fortress

During the Second World War the Fortress was hit by several bombs that destroyed most of the internal constructions. Nowadays It houses a large public park with a striking view on the Ditches and on the Republic Square.

360° Panoramas by Simona Bartolomei


  1. Entrance to the Fortress
  2. Floating Bridge
  3. Boats along the ditches


new fortress on google maps

New Fortress on Google Maps

360° VR Panoramas of Leghorn


North Side of the Mascagni Terrace

North Side of the Mascagni Terrace

Mascagni Terrace • Leghorn

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