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One of the objective of the project by Renzo Piano was to create "a city within a city" a new pole of traffic and transit for the town. In addition to this function, the design for the Banca Popolare di Lodi Headquarters had to be a new centre of aggregation for the city and the various functions offered by the project are aimed at this goal: from the internal square covered by a tensile structure of glass and steel to the Auditorium.

“This is a project designed to integrate and complete the city: it is a stronghold, but also an inner public street: it is a bank, indeed The Bank, but it is also a plaza, landscaped with greenery and pleasantly knit into the local builtscape". (Renzo Piano - "Giornale di bordo"

Lodi 360°: VR Panoramas of the Bank designed by Piano


a public space with numerous access points lodi

Inner courtyard, a public space with numerous access points. (South Entrance)

The spaces defined by the project of the italian architect Renzo Piano are characterized by cylindrical volumes of different diameters and heights covered with brick elements of the company Sannini of Impruneta.

Inner square  bank of lodi by piano

Inner square covered by a tensile structure of glass and steel cables. (South Side)

A web of metal cables shapes the square which is clad with porphyry cubes: the transparent roof provides shelter from rain and emphasises the public nature of urban space. In the square there is the sculpture Water Flowers by Susumu Shingu.

ank’s inner courtyard with the silos lodi

Bank’s inner courtyard with the ”silos” of the project (North Entrance)

The project must provide a public space and this feature is guaranteed by the transparency that does not coincide with the use of large glazed areas but from the integration with the city offered by the project of Renzo Piano.

inner square covered by a tensile structure of glass and steel cables lodi

Inner square covered by a tensile structure of glass and steel cables. (North Side)

The linearity of the outside fronts contrasts with the structural intricacy of the inner square with its distinctive circular structures evoking the silos found on farm land. The tensile structure is constructed out of contrasting curvature cables, high-resistance tie rods, stabilising perimeter beams and sheet of glass.

banca of lodi headquarter façade

Main Facade on via Polenghi Lombardo

The blocks on via Polenghi Lombardo create a seamless front, a facade made permeably by slits and pedestrian ways. In this way the front is very fragmented and it isn't a barrier but a stylistic expedient for revealing the inner space.

banca of lodi headquarter façade at sunset

Main Facade on via Polenghi Lombardo at Sunset

The coatings have a key role in Piano's architecture. The fired brick coatings of the Bank are custom-made. Between the inside wall and the cladding there is a space of about 20 cm in which the air circulate from the bottom upwards causing the so called "chimney effect".

360° Panoramas by Simona Bartolomei


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victory square little planet

Victory Square with the Cathedral

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