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The historic Piazza Anfiteatro (Amphitheater Square) in Lucca was the scene of the installation of the sculpture "Mazzolin di Fiori" by Andrea Salvetti. The artist in 2009 was the protagonist of important international events such as exhibitions hosted at the “Salone del Mobile” and the “Triennale’ in Milan and the "Art Basel".

The work exhibited in the Amphitheater Square is a synthesis between architecture, sculpture and design and has been designed for the centre of the square, ideal centre of the city of Lucca. Furthermore, the sculpture "Mazzolin di Fiori" is a tribute to Saint Zita a figure linked to the image of the city. The work is made up from 1500 metallic flowers in 6 different sizes and 4 different colour scales and has a diameter of 5 meters and 50 and a height of 4 meters and 40.


inside the floral dome without shadows

360 Pano > "Mazzolin di Fiori" by the artist Andrea Salvetti

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The sculpture "Mazzolin di Fiori" by Andrea Salvetti is made up of 1500 metallic flowers in four different colours. The access to the sculpture is guaranteed by a small entrance that interrupts the weaving of the flowers.

entrance to the floral dome

360 Pano > Entrance of the Sculpture "Mazzolin di Fiori" by Andrea Salvetti

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The metallic material (anodized aluminium) reacts differently to external lighting conditions. In this "cloudy view" we can see the only access to the sculpture the colours of which are perfectly integrated with the yellow facades of the Amphitheater's Buildings and the gray of the leaden sky.

andrea salvetti in amphitheatre square on a cloudy day

360 Pano > The Floral Dome in the middle of Piazza Anfiteatro

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The Sculpture was designed to be hosted here in the heart of Lucca, near the remains of Saint Zita resting in the adjacent Basilica of San Frediano.

Mazzolin di Fiori - Sculpure dedicated to Saint Zita

360 Pano > "Mazzolin di Fiori" - Sculpture dedicated to Saint Zita

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The Flower Dome wants to be a synergy between architecture, sculpture and design. At the same time is a tribute to the floral tradition of Lucca and in particular to Saint Zita the patron saint of maids and domestic servants.

inside the sculpture without shadows

360 Pano > Inside “Mazzolin di Fiori” by Andrea Salvetti on a cloudy day

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The sculpture of Andrea Salvetti isn't a static but a dynamic work because it arouses emotions that change with the weather conditions: the "cloudy" version makes us savor the integration between the sculpture and surrounding environment through the chromatic scale enhanced by this type of light.

inside the sculputra sunny day

360 Pano > Inside the “Mazzolin di Fiori” with shadows on a sunny day

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The "sunny" version of the sculpture Mazzolin di Fiori is very different from the previous version: in this case the 1500 sculpture flowers are multiplied by the cast shadows making the viewer completely surrounded by flowers.

eastern entrance amphitheatre square lucca

360 Pano > “Mazzolin di Fiori” from via dell' Anfiteatro - Eastern Entrance

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The Amphitheater is the most renowned monument in Lucca. The elliptical form has Roman origin as it follows the outer edge of the building built by Romans for entertainments and games.

andrea salvetti in amphitheatre square

360 Pano > Floral Dome - East Side of Piazza Anfiteatro on a sunny day

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The Roman building progressively lost its original function and during the Gothic wars, the Amphitheater was fortified for military purposes and its external arches closed. Then the big square was occupied with new buildings utilized as houses and as prisons.

northern entrance amphitheatre square lucca

360 Pano > Northern Entrance with the sculpture in the middle

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In 1830 the architect Lorenzo Nottolini restructured the Square. He removed the buildings that had gradually occupied the arena and regularized the external perimeter with a road, via dell' Anfiteatro, that encircles the building. After a period in which was used as a market, the Anfiteatro was again restored and organized as today: a place for concerts, exhibitions, festivals and other events.

360° Panoramas by Simona Bartolomei


andrea salvetti panoramic virtual brochure

Andrea Salvetti in Amphitheater Square

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piazza anfiteatro on google maps

Amphitheater Square on Google Maps

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floral dome without shadows

Inside the sculpture on a cloudy day

Amphitheater Square • Lucca

floral dome with shadows

Inside the sculpture on a sunny day

Amphitheater Square • Lucca

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