Wall of Lucca 360°: Bastion Cairoli Virtual Tour

The last great town Walls were built in the XVI century those we can see today and which are about 4200 metres long, 30 metres thick and 12 meters high, able to resist at the shots of guns. Eleven Bastions should have defended Lucca against enemies, but nobody never tried to conquer it, and the Walls remain only with the role, never lost, to be a place where to go for a walk and to talk.

Cairoli was the name given to the Bastion instead of the name La Libertà (Liberty). Lucca has always had the cult of liberty and on the coat of arms of the city was engraved the motto Libertas as it is found in the tympanum of the Porta San Pietro.


lucca walls bastion cairoli little bridge

360 Pano > Little Bridge over the “Cunetta”

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The first thing that strikes anyone visiting Lucca is its monumental tree-lined Walls, the symbol of the city which encircle it entirely and give it its very special appearance. View of the curtain walls from a little bridge.

tip of the bastion cairoli lucca walls

360 Pano > The Tip of the Bastion from the “Cut”

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The Walls are one of the most effective proof of the historical events that have taken place in Lucca as the capital of a small state threatened by outside forces, and bear witness to the efforts to guarantee the freedom of its people.

bastion cairoli towards porta elisa

360 Pano > Bastion Cairoli north side towards Porta Elisa

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The present perimeter is the fourth in order of time after the Roman, Medieval and the 15th-century perimeters. It was built between the mid-16th century and the mid 17th century and extended the bounds of the previous fortifications.

Pedestrian exit from the Curtain Wall

360 Pano > Pedestrian exit from the Curtain Wall - “Sortita”

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The Libertà lies between the bastion San Regolo (west) and the bastion San Salvatore (east). In this way was maintained a continuity of defence. The side towards San Salvatore is the longest, to accommodate two sets of fires. This explains the asymmetry of the rampart: the need to adopt safer military tactics.

in the middle of the bastion

360 Pano > In the middle of the Bastion

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The ramparts was inaugurated in 1607. Today the Walls are a huge park from which exceptional views of the City and the surrounding areas can be enjoyed.

walls of lucca bastion cairoli

360 Pano > Pedestrian promenade which encircled the old town

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360° VR Panorama from where the cannons were located in defence of the curtain wall, the weakest point in a defence system like this, also protected from the "spalti", a large green belt, which stood in front of the straight Walls.

walls of lucca bulwark cairoli by night

360 Pano > The tip of the bastion from the “Cut” - night view

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360° VR Panorama of the imposing tip of the rampart by night. The lighting from below highlights even more the majesty of this defensive system that protects the Tuscan city of Lucca.

walls of lucca by night

360 Pano > Little bridge over the “Cunetta” - night view

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By the beginning of the 19th century the Walls were no longer of any military importance and it was Marie Louise of Bourbon who ordered the upper part to be made into a public thoroughfare and enhanced by planting hundreds of tall tree.

360° Panoramas by Simona Bartolomei


lucca walls panoramic  virtual brochure

Le Mura nella Letteratura

360° QTVR Panoramic Virtual Brochure


lucca walls baluardo cairoli on google maps

Bastion Cairoli on Google Maps

360° VR Panoramas of the Walls of Lucca


tip of the bastion cairoli by night

The Tip of the Bastion by night

Walls of Lucca • Tuscany


bastion cairoli little planet lucca walls

Bastion Cairoli by night

Walls of Lucca • Tuscany

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