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The Auditorium designed by the italian architect Renzo Piano is built upon the remnants of the old structures of the Eridania Sugar Factory. The main building, located in the Eridania Park, with its original architectural features, houses a foyer, a hall, a stage and offices, bar, a cloakroom and service rooms.

A roofed open air space leads inside, where 780 seats cover a sloping single level. Piano in his project has eliminated the transversal walls of the main building and has replaced it by large glass walls that provides transparency throughout the whole length of the building, so that, even during concerts, the park can be seen from any viewpoint while soundproof panels hang from the trusses over the stage.

In this way the material solidity of the architectural work dissolves allowing the space to resound and become perfectly and naturally livable.

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entrance auditorium

Entrance of the Auditorium Paganini

The Auditorium dedicated to Niccolò Paganini was designed by the Italian architect Renzo Piano in the old buildings of the factory Eridania. The project, included in a broader context of urban regeneration, aims to re-structure the buildings of the old factory retaining only the most significant.

rear entry of the auditorium

Auditorium Paganini, rear entry and Eridania Park

The Auditorium has a room of 780 seats and is equipped with a sophisticated sound systems. The project of Piano has led to the demolition of the two heads of the building replaced by two large structural glazing that make the surrounding park the natural scene of the theater.

the auditorium paganini in the eridania park

Auditorium Paganini on the old structure of the Eridania Sugar Factory

In the project of the Auditorium Paganini in Parma by Renzo Piano the surrounding park is the natural scene of the theater.

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St. John the Evangelist Cloister

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