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Parma City Tour is a sightseeing tour of the Emilian City that includes: the House of Music in Cusani Palace; the Ducal Park, a wonderful example of ‘French style’ garden with sculptures by Jean Baptiste Boudard; the Ducal Palace designed by Vignola which is housed in the park; the imposing Pilotta Palace built by the Farnese and which houses among others the the wooden Farnese Theatre; the neoclassical Regio Theatre, one of the most renowned theatres in Italy, testifying to the close relationship between Parma and the Opera; the Garibaldi Square with the sun's shadows on the two meridians built by Lorenzo Ferrari in 1829 on the front of the Governor's Palace.

Parma 360°: VR Panoramas of Parma

CITY TOUR at 360°

house of music cusani palace

Cloister inside Cusani Palace

The cloister, ideal for exhibitions and music, is part of Cusani's Palace built towards the mid-1400s by the Cusani Family. Since 2002, houses the headquarters of the House of Music.

ducal palace parma

Ducal Palace built upon a project of Vignola

The Ducal Palace was designed by Vignola for Duke Ottavio Farnese. His current state is the result of several reconstructions: the Petitot, for example, has eliminated the monumental double staircase giving the building a more classic aspect.

ducal park in parma

Ducal Park >>> Think•Lab in Parma

The Ducal Park, annexed to the Palace, was an idea of Ottavio Farnese, Duke of Parma and Piacenza, who wanted a park for his palace. Also designed by Vignola it was turned into a French-style garden in 1749. Photocomposition by Think•Lab.

palazzo della pilotta

Pilotta Palace Courtyard

The name derives from the “pelota” the Basque game played in one of the palace's courtyards. It was built upon the wish of Ottavio Farnese as a place of service and entertainment for the court. The edifice includes the National Archaeological Museum, the Palatine Library and the Teatro Farnese.

piazza garibaldi lato sud

Garibaldi Square, Town Hall

Under the Clock Tower in Garibaldi Square it is possible to observe the sun’s shadows on the two meridians built by Lorenzo Ferrari in 1829 on the front of the tower of the Governor’s Palace. The Town Hall and the 13th century palace which was once home to the Captain of the People, are both found in the square.

Garibaldi Square Governor's Palace

Garibaldi Square, Governor's Palace

In Garibaldi Square the visitors can observe the sun's shadows on the two meridians built by Lorenzo Ferrari in 1829 on the front of the Governor's Palace. In the square there are, also, the Town Hall and the Palace of the Captain of the People built in 1200.

regio theatre and steccata church in parma

Regio Theatre and Steccata Church

The Regio Theatre, originally known as Teatro Ducale, was built under Marie Louise Duchess of Parma in 1821 on a design of Nicola Bettoli and was inaugurated in 1829 with Vincenzo Bellini's Zaira. The history of the theatre is closely linked to Giuseppe Verdi and Arturo Toscanini.

360° Panoramas by Simona Bartolomei


parma panoramic virtual brochure

The Ducal City of Parma

360° VR Panoramic Virtual Brochure


parma on google maps

Parma on Google Maps

360° VR Panoramas of the Ducal City


baptistery of parma

Baptistery of Parma

Parma • Emilia Romagna • Italy


chiostro san giovanni piccolo pianeta

St. John the Evangelist Cloister

Parma • Emilia Romagna • Italy

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