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Piazza dei Miracoli (Miracles Square) in Pisa became an UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987. The "Field of Miracles", considered a jewel of Romanesque architecture, is the religious centre of the town and is characterized by the Santa Maria Maggiore Cathedral (with the annexed freestanding bell-tower, the famous Leaning Tower), the Baptistery of St. John and the Monumental Cemetery, which can be symbolically considered as the three main moments in man's life: the Birth (Baptistery), the Life (Cathedral) and the Death (Cemetery).
The Cathedral has an enormous body and a facade in Pisan-Romanesque style. The interior contains Giovanni Pisano’s Pulpit and Galileo Galileo’s Lamp, while the apse is dominated by a great mosaic representing the Christ in Majesty, the Blessed Virgin and St. John the Evangelist, this last, work of Cimabue.
In front of the Cathedral stands the Baptistery started in 1152 on a project by the architect Diotisalvi, where are located the Pulpit sculpted by Nicola Pisano and the Baptismal Font. The outside follows the decoration pattern of the Cathedral, characterized on the ground floor by blind arcades with a series of open loggias and arches on columns on the top.
The Leaning Tower has an height of 55.86 m (lowest side) and 56.70 m (highest side). Prior to the restoration work (1990 - 2001), the tower leaned at an angle of 5.5 degrees, and now leans at about 3.99 degrees. This means that the top of the tower is 3.9 metres from where it would stand if the tower were perfectly vertical.
The Monumental Cemetery (Camposanto Monumentale) stands at the northern edge of the Square. The construction started in 1277 by Giovanni di Simone but was completed only in 1464. It consists of a long rectangular arcade enclosing a large central lawn. The lateral four corridors hold numerous sarcophagi, classical sculptures and, in the Hall of Frescoes, “The Triumph of the Death” by Buonamico Buffalmacco. The walls of the building is composed of 43 blind arches and the access is provided by two doorway.

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duomo and baptistery by night in pisa

The Duomo and the Baptistery by Night

The Cathedral, built in 1064, has a facade of white marble of San Giuliano. The Baptistery, dedicated to St. John, is placed in front of the Cathedral, as in a constant dialogue with it.

field of miracles pisa

The Field of Miracles: birth (Baptistery), life (Cathedral), death (Cemetery)

The Baptistery, dedicated to St. John the Baptist, stands in front of the Duomo. The round Romanesque building was begun in the mid 12th century by an architect known as Diotisalvi and was finished in the 14th century, when the loggia, the top storey and the dome were added in Gothic style by Nicola and Giovanni Pisano.

leaning tower by night

Leaning Tower and Cathedral's Apse by Night

The Tower of Pisa was built in three stages over a period of about 177 years. Construction of the first floor of the white marble campanile began on 1173, a period of military success and prosperity. This first floor is a blind arcade articulated by engaged columns with classical Corinthian capitals.

leaning tower pisa

Leaning Tower, the freestanding bell tower of the Cathedral

The heart of the Miracles Square is the Duomo, the medieval cathedral, entitled to Santa Maria Assunta (St. Mary of the Assumption). This is a five-naved cathedral with a three-naved transept.

leaning tower by night from the cathedral

The Leaning Tower by Night from the Cathedral

The Baptistery is 54.86 m high and has a circumference of 107.24 m. It is the largest Baptistery in Italy and an example of the transition from the Romanesque to the Gothic style: the lower parts are in the Romanesque style (rounded arches), while the upper parts are in the Gothic style (pointed arches).

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Miracles Square • Pisa

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Miracles Square on Google Maps

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Miracles Square

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