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The Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Rovereto and Trento, the Mart, is located in Trentino, in northern Italy, and is one of the most important italian museums. The large complex has been designed by the swiss architect Mario Botta, and was inaugurated in Rovereto on 15 December 2002.
The project of Botta rises on a new square, covered by a glass roof, which becomes the “heart” of the whole complex. The “empty space”, the covered square, is characterized by a cylindrical shape coated with yellow stone on which opens a double Matroneum that runs along the perimeter. The heart of the museum is a square, in its sense of public space, but also a Cloister, in its aspect most intimate and hidden away from the hustle and bustle of City life.
On the ground floor there is the reception, a bookshop, a conference room, a cafeteria and the cloakroom while the basement houses a valuable 20th century archive and a library. The first floor hosts two galleries with temporary exhibitions; on the second floor you will find the permanent exhibition with precious pieces of art ranging from Futurism to the present. Works of art by Fortunato Depero represent the main attraction.

Rovereto 360°: VR Panoramas of the MART by Mario Botta


entrance to mart from corso bettini

Entrance to the Museum from Corso Bettini

The entrance to the museum complex is enclosed by Palazzo Annone (left) and Palazzo Alberti (right) that look out on Corso Bettini. This entrance reveals the strong affinity between the new structures and the historic buildings.

corridor that leads to the mart

Corridor that leads to the central square of the museum designed by Mario Botta

The innovative architectural complex of Mart includes the exhibition spaces but also a highly attractive square, covered with a glassed dome, overlooked by a congress hall, a cafeteria, a terrace and a garden.

The heart of the MART at dusk rovereto

The heart of the MART at dusk

The Fountain that dominates the centre of the glassed-square is the ideal point of convergence between the entrance axis to the courtyard and the central hole of the overlying velarium canopy. The fountain is surrounded by the installation of the sculptures by Mimmo Paladino.

Side view of the square with the glass dome rovereto mart

Side view of the square with the glass dome

The external cladding consists of sheets of Vicenza yellow stone installed in alternating rows, the plaza and the walkways are paved in Trentino green porphyry in blocks and sheets.

Central courtyard and the double-women's gallery(Matroneum)

Central courtyard and the double-women's gallery(Matroneum)

The central courtyard of the Mart resembles a circular drum on which the velarium is mounted. The internal facade is characterized by the presence of a double-women's gallery (Matroneum).

The glassed-square of the museum of MART by night

The glassed-square of the museum of MART by night

In the central Fountain are reflected, in a sharp way, all the components of the square: the perimeter with the windows, the walkway, the statues by Mimmo Paladino, the velarium and the sky beyond that.

360° Panoramas by Simona Bartolomei


mart panoramic virtual brochure

My Trip to Rovereto di Simona Bartolomei

360° VR Panoramic Virtual Brochure

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museum modern and contemporary art rovereto trento mart

Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Rovereto and Trento

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Rovereto on Google Maps

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piazza delle oche rovereto

Piazza delle Oche

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Rosmini Square

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