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Rovereto, by number of inhabitants, is the second largest municipality in the province of Trento. Besides the historic significance that derive from the various vicissitudes in the Austro Hungarian Empire, now is known internationally thanks to the presence of one of the largest museums of contemporary art in Europe: the MART, acronym of Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Rovereto and Trento. Rovereto is a city culturally very active, in fact, here was born part of the Italian Futurism and the Rationalism architecture.

Source of pride for Rovereto is the library founded in 1764 that has 370 thousand volumes. The new structure in addition to those of Palazzo Albere (Tn) and the Casa Museo Depero, Rovereto, occupies one of the most elegant streets of the city: Corso Bettini, where you can admire the imposing buildings of the eighteenth century, the two buildings Alberti (among whom arose Mart), Theater Zandonai, the Palace of Education.

Motivo di vanto per Rovereto è la biblioteca che, fondata nel 1764, possiede 370 mila volumi. La nuova struttura che si aggiunge a quelle di Palazzo Albere (Tn) e della Casa Museo Depero, a Rovereto, sorge in una delle più eleganti vie della città: Corso Bettini, in cui si possono ammirare imponenti edifici del Settecento, i due palazzi Alberti (tra i quali è sorto il Mart), il Teatro Zandonai, il Palazzo dell'Istruzione.

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fedrigotti palace in rovereto

Fedrigotti Palace

The palace, in late Renaissance and Baroque style, a magnificent seventeenth-century circular courtyard. The Fedrigotti Palace was designed by the architect Ambrogio Rosmini in 1790 and six years later hosted Napoleon Bonaparte.

rosmini square in rovereto

Rosmini Square

The square is dedicated to the philosopher Antonio Rosmini. In the middle of the square we have a circular fountain located in the square in 1895. The central jet is about 20 meters high.

Piazza delle Oche a Rovereto

Piazza delle Oche

Piazza delle Oche is one of the oldest square in Rovereto. It was, initially, called Piazza del Borgo and assumed its present name in 1736 when it was placed the Fountain of Neptune. The name comes from three swans of marble that originally occupied the basement of the fountain that people called geese because they were pretty bad. For some historians, instead, the name derives from the market of geese that occasionally took place there.

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My Trip to Rovereto di Simona Bartolomei

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  1. Fedrigotti Palace
  2. Rosmini Square
  3. Piazza delle Oche

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museum modern and contemporary art rovereto trento mart

Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Rovereto and Trento

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