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Your World at 360° leads us to the discovery of some Cities walking through the streets with ours 360 ° VR panoramas

360° CITIES Welcome in 360° CITIES by Think•Lab - Architecture and Communication
PARMA VIRTUAL TOUR Duomo Square Duomo Square in Parma by day
Duomo Square by Night Duomo Square in Parma by night
Monastic complex of St. John the Evangelist Tour of the Abbey Church of Saint John
Auditorium Paganini by Renzo Piano Tour of the Auditorium Paganini
Parma City Tour 36o° VR Panoramas City Tour
LUCCA VIRTUAL TOUR Viareggio Carnival 2010 Virtual Tour with the Parade Floats
Oasi Lipu - Lake of Massaciuccoli Oasi on the Lake of Massaciuccoli in Massarosa
The Walls in Literature Virtual tour of the Walls of Lucca
Walls of Lucca - Bastion Cairoli Virtual tour of the Bastion Cairoli
Walls of Lucca - Bastion San Colombano Virtual tour of the Bastion San Colombano
Mount Corchia - Apuan Alps Marble Quarries on the Apuan Alps
Andrea Salvetti exhibits in Amphitheatre Square The Sculpture "Mazzolin di Fiori" in Lucca
PISA VIRTUAL TOUR Miracles Square Tour of the Square with the Leaning Tower
Santa Maria della Spina Tour of the little Gothic Church along the Arno
San Paolo a Ripa d'Arno Tour of the romanesque Church of San Paolo
FIRENZE VIRTUAL TOUR Church of St. John the Baptist (Freeway) Tour of the Church designed by Michelucci
Church of San Miniato al Monte Tour of the romanesque Church of San Miniato
LODI VIRTUAL TOUR Bank of Lodi Headquarters - Renzo Piano Tour of the Bank designed by Renzo Piano
Lodi City Tour 36o° VR Panoramas City Tour
ROVERETO VIRTUAL TOUR MART - Museum Modern Art Rovereto and Trento Tour of the Museum designed by Mario Botta
Rovereto City Tour 36o° VR Panoramas City Tour
SIENA VIRTUAL TOUR San Gimignano Tour of San Gimignano with its Towers
Monteriggioni Tour of the Castle of Monteriggioni
Pienza Tour of the ideal city of the Pope Pius II
SARDEGNA VIRTUAL TOUR Stintino Tour Pelosa and Pelosetta Beaches
Basilica of Saccargia Tour of the Holy Trinity of Saccargia
Romanesque Sardinia Romanesque Churches in Bulzi, Tergu, Ozieri
LEGHORN VIRTUAL TOUR Mascagni Terrace Virtual Tour of the beautiful Terrace
New Fortress Virtual Tour of the New Fortress
Leghorn City Tour Livorno City Tour
Rosignano Marittimo Virtual Tour of the Tuscan municipality

IMAGE OF THE MONTH ••• Each month we will propose a 360° Flash VR multiresolution Panorama of our portfolio of virtual tours where you can interactively navigate the discover the site subject of the VR Panorama.

THINK•VR360 (Italian Only)

Virtual Tour at 360° in FLASH VR and QTVR format, Panoramic Virtual Brochures, GigaPhotos, Photo Retouch and Photocomposition, Photoshop Courses, Real Estate Virtual Tour, Prints Sale.

THINK • VR 360 Welcome to the World of the VIRTUAL TOUR - Think•Lab - Architecture and Communication
GALLERY Virtual Tour, panoramic images, virtual brochure
ABOUT US The Think•Lab in FLASH and QTVR format
CONTACTS Contact Form
FAQ Frequent Asked Questions
CLIENTS - PROJECTS List of some projects realized by Think•Lab
HELP System requirements and aid to navigation in the VR Panoramas
SERVICES VIRTUAL TOUR What are the Virtual Tour and some examples
  360° PANORAMIC IMAGES 360 VR Panoramas
VIRTUAL BROCHURE Panoramic Virtual Brochures
REAL ESTATE VT Real Estate Virtual Tour
GIGAPHOTO High resolution photos
PHOTORETOUCH Photo Retouch and Photocomposition
PRINTS SALE If you like our images ......


Architectural Design, Interior Design, 3D Modeling, Rendering and 3D Animations, Surreal Images.


Welcome to the World of ARCHITECTURE - Think•Lab - Architecture and Communication
RENDERING 3D Photorealistic, volumetric and material renderings ...
3D ANIMATION Walking in a project in an interactive way and taking in every detail
VIRTUAL IMAGES Surreal images and not for advertising, leaflets, posters ......
INTERIOR DESIGN Interior design
3D MODELING Realization of 3D objects
GALLERY Project and images realized
CONTACT Contact Form

THINK• GRAPHICS (Italian Only)

Corporate Image, Web Site Creation, Illustrations, design and production of Pins.

THINK • GRAPHICS Welcome to the World of GRAPHICS - Think•Lab - Architecture and Communication
CORPORATE IMAGE Study of the corporate image
WEB SITES Website Creation FLASH and CSS
ILLUSTRATIONS Creation of vector illustrations
LOGOS Logo design
PINS Design and Production of Pins
CONTACT US Contact Form



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