YOUR WOLD AT 360° - Panoramic Images and Virtual Tour

The 360° VR Panoramic Photography is the ideal tool to promote a city, in fact, it takes the virtual visitor inside the photographed place to discover the monuments, the squares, the quaint shops and everything the city has to offer. A Virtual Tour is, also, a highly effective way of promoting your hotel or your tourist attraction as it gives the potential visitor all they need to know about your location and your level of accommodation. With the Virtual Tours you can explore the city in an interactive way through a series of 360° VR Images connected by sensitive points (hotspot), clicking on which, with the aid of a map provided by Google Maps, you have the sensation of walking through its streets.

YOUR WOLD AT 360° - List of the Cities with our Virtual Tours

parma virtual tour

Parma Virtual Tour • 360° VR panoramas of the Ducal city


Parma at 360°

The visit of the city of Parma begins from the view of Piazza Duomo characterized by three buildings: the Cathedral, the Baptistery and the Bishop’s Palace. The atmosphere of the marvelous square is the original medieval one. The Cathedral is one of the highest expression ...

lucca virtual tour

Lucca Virtual Tour• 360° VR panoramas of the Tuscan city


Lucca at 360°

Lucca is a city in northern Tuscany, a region of Italy, situated in a plain on the River Serchio. It is famous for its intact Renaissance City Walls, defined by the italian writer Gabriele d’ Annunzio “l’ arborato cerchio” due to the presence of the trees on the top of the wall along ...

pisa virtual tour

Pisa Virtual Tour• 360° VR panoramas of the Tuscan city


Pisa at 360°

The first destination for tourists who wants to visit Pisa is, without doubt, the postcard of the Miracles Square as if the city of Galileo was limited, like any village, to a Lawn, to the Baptistery, to the Duomo, to the Leaning Tower and to the Cemetery. To the careful tourists Pisa offers even ...

firenze virtual tour

Florence Virtual Tour• 360° VR panoramas of the Tuscan city


Florence at 360°

The Arno river runs through Florence, but not divide the city, in fact its bridges contribute to the magic of art, alimented for centuries by various Masters of Florence to demonstrate their power giving the world a lot of wonderful masterpieces of art. From whichever direction you ...

lodi virtual tour

Lodi Virtual Tour• 360° VR panoramas of the Lombard city


Lodi at 360°

Lodi has Roman origins and its name Laus Pompeia is attributed to the Roman consul Gneo Pompeo Strabone that in '89 BC conceded the Latin Right to the Gallia Transpadana. Its position on the way to Milan was strategic and for this reason the City became a very important ...

rovereto virtual tour

Rovereto Virtual Tour• 360° VR panoramas of the province of Trento


Rovereto at 360°

Rovereto is the second largest municipality in the province of Trento. Besides the historic significance that derive from the various vicissitudes in the Austro Hungarian Empire, now is known internationally thanks to the presence of one of the largest museums ...

siena virtual tour

Siena Virtual Tour• 360° VR panoramas of the Tuscan city


Siena at 360°

The passage from one Tuscan province to another is visible from the changing of the landscape. The morphology of Tuscany is, in fact, very varied: from the Tyrrhenian Coast, to the Apuan Alps, with its famous marble quarries, to the gentle hills, to the flow of rivers. But the "terra senese" has ...

sardegna virtual tour

Sardinia Virtual Tour • 360° VR panoramas of the Italian Region


Sardinia at 360°

The Sardinia has very ancient origins: the first evidences of the human presence (Homo erectus) are primitive flints, found in the zone of Sassari, dating from a period between 500,000 and 100,000 years ago. From the 1500 to 500 b.C. the Region is characterized by the mysterious ...

leghorn virtual tour in tuscany

Leghorn Virtual Tour • 360° VR panoramas of the Italian Province in Tuscany


Leghorn at 360°

Leghorn is very different from the other main cities of the Tuscany; it hasn't medieval or Renaissance origin but it presents a character, an history and an urban development much more recent. It was founded as a link between the sea and the port facilities of the most ...


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